50 Grams! OPPO Launches Dual-Lens Full-Color AR Glasses Air Glass 3, Mojie Core Technology Fuels Innovation Breakthrough


The Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 grandly opened on February 26th in Barcelona, Spain, bringing a new dawn to the consumer-grade Augmented Reality (AR) domain. The dual-lens full-color AR glasses, OPPO Air Glass 3, were officially unveiled, setting a milestone in the industry with their cutting-edge AR+AI innovations and guiding the direction for the widespread adoption and development of consumer-grade AR.

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According to official sources, the OPPO Air Glass 3 weighs approximately 50 grams and features resin diffractive waveguide lenses for an excellent full-color display. Through a dedicated app linked with an AI model, users can easily interact with a voice assistant by simply touching the temple of the glasses, enriching intelligent interaction. The launch of these glasses signifies the market’s renewed favor for Mojie’s core near-eye display technology system, including core resin waveguide and the fully automated assembly process for the lens and frame front, while also demonstrating industry-leading partners’ full confidence in Mojie’s technological capabilities.

Ultimate Lightness: Setting a New Benchmark for Lightweight AR Glasses

The full-color resin diffractive waveguide lenses used in the OPPO Air Glass 3, supported by Mojie’s exclusive core technology, weigh less than 7g and have a thickness of only 2.1mm. This technology offers users an almost imperceptible comfort experience, making all-day wear and all-scenario use of smart glasses a reality. Additionally, these full-color resin waveguide lenses maintain the highest industry standards in terms of light transmission, impact resistance, and privacy protection against peeping, establishing a new benchmark in the industry. The launch of these AR glasses not only showcases the innovative strength of both parties in the field of full-color resin diffractive waveguides but also sets an example of deep collaboration in the consumer-grade AR domain.

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Ultra-High Definition Imaging: A Perfect Fusion of Intelligent Information and the Real World

On top of its ultimate lightness, the OPPO Air Glass 3 also achieves industry-leading display quality. Leveraging Mojie’s innovative HPG grating structure that redefines industry standards, this new product excels in key parameters such as brightness, clarity, color uniformity, ghosting, and stray light suppression, achieving unprecedented performance in minimizing rainbow patterns. Furthermore, Mojie’s fully automated assembly process for the lens frame ensures sharper image information and more accurate color representation, perfectly merging intelligent information with the real environment.

Strong Integration: Smart AI + Lightweight AR for All-Day Intelligent Interaction

The new lightweight resin diffractive waveguide technology enables the full potential of AI models, presenting text and image information in a clearer, more user-friendly manner. On the other hand, AI leverages AR technology for a more efficient understanding of human perception and intent. The addition of smart AI models to cutting-edge lightweight consumer AR technology provides end-users with a richer all-day intelligent life interaction experience.

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Advancing Together: Envisioning a New Future for Consumer AR Market

From the debut of the featherlight OPPO Air Glass 2, weighing a mere 38 grams, to the dazzling introduction of the next-generation, lightweight, full-color AR glasses, OPPO Air Glass 3, Mojie has been at the forefront of the uncharted territory in resin diffractive waveguide technology. In partnership with OPPO, we have jointly overcome numerous core technological challenges, heralding a new chapter in the realm of AR.

Looking ahead, the consumer AR market—a vast expanse akin to the starry heavens, where the virtual and real converge—holds boundless potential. Mojie is committed to the continuous cultivation of core AR technologies and eagerly anticipates forging alliances with leading industry partners to propel the consumer AR sector towards a broader horizon.

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