Mojie Shines at MWC 2024: Leading the New Future of Consumer AR with Resin Diffractive Waveguide Technology


The MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2024 has grandly opened in Barcelona, Spain on February 26. As a new pioneer in the consumer AR field, Mojie brought the world's most cutting-edge mass productive resin diffractive waveguide technology, ultimate lightweight solutions for AR glasses, and customized style design at booth 7A1, Hall 7.

The theme of MWC this year is "Future First", focusing on six major areas: "Beyond 5G, Intelligent Connection of Everything, AI Humanization, Digital Manufacturing, Subversive Rules, and Digital Genes" to share innovative achievements and explore technological development trends. As a pioneer in the consumer AR field, Mojie also participated in it, jointly exploring several major focus directions, presenting the strength in all aspects at the exhibition, and leading the new future of consumer level AR glasses.

5G & Beyond: empowering industry customers to create the next consumer level AR glasses

Beyond 5G, not only represents pursuing faster internet speed, shorter latency, and more reliable connections, but also continuously exploring and building a new generation of digital life, making the entire society more convenient and intelligent. In this regard, Mojie has been adhering to the vision of enabling every end user to enjoy a personalized life since its establishment, and has been continuously cultivating in the consumer level AR field.

In MWC 2024, from the core optical components, to the entire solutions, and personalized customization services, Mojie present full stack of consumer level AR capabilities, to empower industry customers, to create the next industry-leading consumer-grade intelligent interactive AR glasses, so that every end users enjoy the infinite convenience brought by digital life, and provide core technical support.

Connecting Everything: Helping to Build an Ecosystem and Build an Intelligent World of Everything Connected

The information interconnection between all things aims to achieve a more efficient and convenient intelligent world, which requires more diverse end point connections, richer interaction scenarios, and deeper ecological construction.

In the on-site exhibition area, the AR smart glasses presented by Mojie have cutting-edge intelligent connection experience, and this technology has successfully helped partners expand the new ecological map of everything connected. At the same time, Mojie is still actively exploring the combination of AR glasses and other intelligent end points with industry peers, unlocking more device interconnection methods, and jointly building a more intelligent connected world.

Humanising AI: AI + AR, Creating a Multi-Scene Intelligent Life

AI is becoming the core driving force of the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. As a practitioner of cutting-edge technology innovation in the industry, Mojie has been continuously cultivating the new direction of "AI + AR".

At MWC 2024, you can see the achievements of Mojie based on this direction: With the dual technology of AI + AR, intelligent interactions can be realized on the AR glasses powered by Mojie, and support functions such as voice control, real-time information display, and voice broadcasting. AI technology is integrated into the ultimate lightweight AR glasses, greatly expanding the boundaries of life application scenarios, and humanized interaction patterns, allowing every end user to enjoy a more intelligent life.

Manufacturing DX: mass productive resin diffractive waveguide technology to promote the rapid development of consumer AR

At MWC 2024, Mojie's ultimate lightweight resin diffractive waveguide lens, which was showcased at the core, has successfully achieved mass production from monochromatic to polychromatic versions. Currently, Mojie has built a high-end manufacturing base for waveguides and micro light engines with 100 and 1000 cleanliness levels. Up till now, Mojie is the one and only mass productive resin diffractive waveguide manufacturer in the industry, and has reached globally leading level in resin diffractive waveguide technology capabilities, large-scale mass production, and customization capabilities.

Game Changers: breaking the boundaries of reality and creating infinite possibilities for the future

As a pioneer who debuted at MWC for the first time, Mojie not only showcased the cutting-edge consumer level AR technology, but also embodied the goal vision of "Discovering the boundless world, together." The performance not only won Mojie wide acclaim among industrial experts and media, but also strengthened Mojie's devotion in continuing to deepen the core technology of the consumer AR field. In the future, Mojie will work with more industry partners, together to bring new vitality into the development of the consumer level AR industry.